Hoi An Ancient Town.

世界遺産の『旧市街』に100円ぐらいで世界で一番美味しいパンが食べられた!????? お友達のお勧めで、ホイアンに来たら是非バインミーフーンを食べてくださいね、味わえないと勿体無いですよと言われました。だから、三回目でホイアンにかなり期待して行ってきました。

Linh Ung Pagoda

Maybe you don’t know there are three pagodas in Danang, having a same name – Linh Ung. I didn’t know this at time I came here. One is Linh Ung Non Nuoc located in Mable Mountains. One is Linh Ung … Read More

Dragon Bridge

Hey guys, how are you today? as the title you seen, I want to share my first impression about Dragon Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Rồng) – Awesome dragon! Why Dragon Bridge? Danang is famous for the city of bridges, and in … Read More