Dragon Bridge

Hey guys, how are you today? as the title you seen, I want to share my first impression about Dragon Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Rồng) – Awesome dragon!
Why Dragon Bridge?
Danang is famous for the city of bridges, and in 6 bridges crossing Han river, Dragon bridge is the youngest one – opened in 2013, but it now becomes a symbol of the newfound prosperity of Danang. Why so? Let’s go to explore it.

In Vietnamese culture, one of the most important symbols is the dragon – representing the power of the nation, emperor and the prosperity. Therefore, the authorities of this port city decided to build the world’s largest dragon bridge with hope for city’s economic growth in future.
As a real dragon, it can also breathe fire and blast water into the air and over the crowd. Some people like to stand close the dragon’s head to be sprayed with water because they believe that is luck, that water will clean the dirt and bring something new to them, but I don’t recommend this due to danger as dragon breathes fire. You can enjoy this truly amazing show every weekend at 9pm. Before the show, the bridge closes for traffic. I highly recommend standing the dragon’s head side to be able to see it clearly. You’d better go earlier coz it happens in 5 minutes only. I missed seeing dragon breathe once as I thought it would do for 15 -20 mins, lol, so I came there on time, but it was too crowed that I couldn’t come close to see the show, so disappointed. Besides, if you like romantic feelings and don’t like to squeeze in the crowd, let take a seat on a coffee shops on the riverside or sit on the boat, which is the awesome way to enjoy the show. Adding to the beautiful night, it is illuminated by 2,500 LED lights, which change color every few minutes. And, In 2014, Dragon Bridge was voted as one of the best lighting design in the world. Almost everyone thinks that seeing the bridge at night is more beautiful than at daytime, but for me watching dragon in the daytime also is great. It looks bigger and stronger as my feelings.

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. – Gustave Flaubert

Let me reveal you one more interesting about our dragon. In Vietnamese culture, number 6 is considered as one of lucky numbers, that maybe is the reason why our dragon is 666m long, 66m high, and divided into 6 lane-road. It was also calculated thoroughly to be convenient for residents and tourists to move in city or to attractive destinations coz it links directly from the Da Nang International Airport to other main roads in city, and to My Khe Beach – one of the most attractive beaches on the planet.
I’m really impressed and admire the people here. They are trying themselves to change their city from a poor, unknown city into a major urban center – Vietnam’s third largest economic city.
Dragon Bridge is not just about the idea, architecture, the wealth, but also about the spirit dare to face the challenge, want to fly high, fly to the world. That is the reason why I went to the bridge to see the ‘biggest dragon in the world’ as the city has applied to set a record to the Guinness World Records (GWR). Hope you, guys have chance to come to Danang, take your time walking in the bridge and enjoy the moment here. My first impression – Awesome!

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