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Maybe you don’t know there are three pagodas in Danang, having a same name – Linh Ung.

I didn’t know this at time I came here. One is Linh Ung Non Nuoc located in Mable Mountains. One is Linh Ung Bai But in Son Tra peninsula and the last one is Linh Ung Ba Na in Ba Na Hill. Three pagodas form into a triangle, which attracts many tourists yearly. I just visited Linh Ung Bai But, so want to tell you a legend about it first.
Linh Ung means what you ask, you wish, it will be come true. That is why it is said to be the most sacred pagoda in Da Nang. I am not a Buddhist or I’m non-religious, but this motivated me to walk to the pagoda to learn more about it.
Getting Linh Ung pagoda is simple. Just go straight along to the beach side to the north. You can see the giant statue of Lady Buddha, which is considered the highest in Vietnam with 67 meters. And Linh Ung is also known as the youngest and the most beautiful pagoda in Danang (opened in 2010). 

According to the story of the monks here, in Nguyen Dynasty – XIX century, a statue drifted on the sandbank (now named Bai Bui), and residents here believed that it was a good sign that could protect the fisherman, offer them strength for facing storms and strong waves. From that, they built a shrine to worship. The architecture of Linh Ung pagoda is same as other pagodas in Vietnam, so I don’t focus on it much. But, I really impressed with the statue when the first time I came to the pagoda. I was surprised that couldn’t speak a word except – wow. Amazing. I felt something peace, free my mind, felt like I was in another world without any stress, something sacred.
Inside of the statue, there are 17 floors, and there are 21 altar Buddha statues in each floor with different shape of face, postures, etc.


You can travel here in daytime or night till 9:30pm without fee. Last time I went Linh Ung pagoda with my friend- she is a Danang child. She said that Danang people, especially young couples liked driving a motorbike to the pagoda around sunset period till night because they could see an incredible view of the ocean, of mountain, of Danang by night with all the lights turned on. And I did it. A little bit cold, scared (coz I’ve not ridden motorbike to the mountain at night before), but great. I hope you will have the same experience like me. High recommends.

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