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Where is Danang? – it is on Central Vietnam, considered as the third largest city of the country.

Why is Danang? – there are the strengths of Danang, in which you must go and must see.
Magnificent natural landscapes: mountains, sea, rivers, islands, …
+ numerous beautiful beaches like My Khe beach – known as “one of the most attractive beaches on the planet” selected by Forbes Magazine.
+ a great location among three World heritages including Hue - ancient royal capital, Hoi An - ancient town and My Son - Holy land.
Great constructions:
+ Ancient architectures: Hoi An- unique architecture heritage, My Son - Holy land, etc.
+ known as the city of bridges, especially Dragon Bridge one of the top fifteen most beautiful bridges in the world.
+ Beach resorts, high-end luxury hotels along the beach
Besides, Danang is also paid attention to the city of festivals and events.
Population and human resources:
+ having rich labor force, 70% of the population of the country is workers under 30 years old
+ Many schools: 24 universities and colleges, 19 Vocational colleges, 59 vocational training centers, …
+ Personnel expenses are cheap
+ People are friendly and kind
Climates: Mild climate - pleasant weather. The annual average temperature is 25.9oC. There are two seasons including hot and rainy seasons. The best time to travel Da Nang is from April to August

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*Danang is a key point of north and south Vietnam's national highway (land road), sea route, and roughly the center of air route, and it is under favorable geographical conditions for stable socio-economic development.

It has flourished as an important trade port since ancient times, and now Da Nang Port is an important gateway to East Asian countries.

Currently, Danang is advancing with tourism and IT policy to increase its economic growth rate becoming No. 1 in Vietnam.

Vietnam promotes the IT industry  to become Silicon Valley of Southeast Asia, and Danang is one of the places to be chosen to carry out the project of the biggest Silicon Valley in the central Vietnam.

Besides, Danang is a healthy, clean and safe city. It is recommended as the best places to live in Vietnam.

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